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Mergers & Acquisitions


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are strategic processes that involve the purchase, sale and combination of different companies with the objective of accelerating growth, reducing competition or significantly changing an organization’s market position. These transactions are vital for companies seeking to optimize their size and improve their competitiveness through corporate strategy.

At Maraz Corporate Finance, we are specialists in advising and managing M&A transactions for medium-sized companies -low and middle market segment-, providing comprehensive advice in all phases of the process, whether in the purchase or sale of businesses. Our focus is on maximizing and optimizing the value of each transaction for our clients.                                                                                  


Our sell-side approach focuses on a thorough understanding of our clients’ business. Through meticulous analysis, we identify the key variables that will increase the value of the company, establishing a fair and attractive valuation range. We strive to find the ideal acquirer, ensuring that each transaction is not only successful, but also reflects the true potential and value of your company.

Partial Sale: The partial sale of a company involves the transfer of a portion of the company’s shares to a third party, without losing total control over the company. This type of transaction is ideal for:

  • Partner Exits: Allows the exit of one or more partners from the business, either due to strategic differences, personal needs or obtaining liquidity.
  • Growth Financing: Obtain financial resources to drive the expansion, innovation or consolidation of the business, hand in hand with a strategic partner.

Whole Sale:The outright sale of a business involves the transfer of control of the company to a new owner. This process is a strategic solution for owners seeking a complete transition, whether for reasons of lack of succession, change of professional management or maximizing the value of the business at the optimal time.

  • Business Sector: The company is sold to another company in the same sector. This option is often preferred by those seeking a buyer who understands the value and potential synergies of the acquisition, such as access to new markets, technologies or operational capabilities.
  • Financial Investor: The sale is made to a financial investor, such as private equity funds, family offices or search funds, among others. These buyers seek to invest in companies with growth or restructuring potential, providing capital and sometimes expert management to increase the value of the company prior to a future sale or IPO.


In a buy-side process, the differentiating factor is to understand the reasons for the transaction and how the synergies from the acquisition will generate greater value for the acquiring company’s shareholders.

Corporates: We advise companies on their inorganic growth strategy through acquisitions. This approach is aimed at corporations seeking to expand, enter new markets or acquire specific technologies and competencies. Our role is to identify acquisition opportunities that align with the company’s strategic objectives, perform or review due diligence and negotiate the terms of the acquisition to ensure a successful integration.

Financial Investors: We provide specialized advice to Private Equity, Family Offices, Venture Capital and Other Financial Investors in the acquisition of companies. Our approach focuses on identifying investment opportunities that offer significant growth potential, carrying out quantitative and qualitative analysis of the business, together with a thorough and accurate valuation. In turn, we assist in structuring, financing and negotiating the transaction in order to maximize the return on investment. 

We have extensive experience in Low & Middle Market transactions




  • Financial Analysis and Valuation of the Company
  • Development of the Blind Teaser
  • Development of the NDA and Sales Book
  • Search and Contact of Potential Acquirers
  • Development of LOI, SPA, SHA…
  • Control of the Due Diligence process
  • Negotiation and Closing of the Deal
  • Development of Short List of Potential Target Companies
  • Financial Analysis and Valuation of the Target Company
  • Identification and Assessment of Synergies
  • Control of the Due Diligence Process
  • Advice on Financing and Payment Structure
  • Negotiation and Closing of the Deal
  • Integration of the Acquired Company



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