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Restructuring & Financing

We restructure your business and obtain financing


At Maraz Corporate Finance, our mission is to support companies facing significant financial challenges. We understand that each situation is unique and requires a meticulous and customized approach. We are dedicated to analyzing and identifying the underlying causes of current financial difficulties, with the goal of optimizing liquidity and improving your company’s future solvency.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Feasibility Plan

Our approach focuses on the preparation of a detailed Viability Plan, designed to serve as an essential “road map” in the implementation of strategic changes in financial and operational management. This plan addresses critical aspects such as:

  • Analysis of the Current Situation: We carry out an in-depth diagnosis to understand the financial and operational difficulties of the company, analyzing the causes that have originated the current situation and identifying the levers for improvement.
  • Liquidity Optimization: We propose strategies to improve cash flow, optimizing margin and working capital management, including the renegotiation of current liabilities and the identification of non-core assets for sale.
  • Feasibility Plan: We assist in the implementation of the recommendations of the Viability Plan, ensuring that the company not only overcomes its current difficulties but also positions itself to generate long-term value for its shareholders.
  • Refinancing of Financial Debt: We facilitate the negotiation with banks and other financial creditors to restructure existing financial liabilities and, when necessary, obtain additional financing to enable the continuity and sustainable growth of the company.

Debt Advisory and Alternative Financing

At Maraz Corporate Finance, we offer a wide range of debt and alternative financing advisory services designed to support companies in obtaining the financial resources necessary for their growth and expansion. We understand the importance of structuring the right financing for each particular situation, whether through traditional banking channels or more innovative alternative financing solutions.

  • Bank Financing: We specialize in negotiating and structuring large loans, mainly syndicated loans, where several lenders finance together a single debt with common terms. These solutions are ideal for companies seeking significant capital – at a lower cost – for acquisitions, expansion or large investment projects.
  • Debt Funds or Private Debt: in this type of transaction, the lender is, instead of a financial institution, an investment fund, family office or other financial institutions, offering debt financing under more flexible and customized terms than traditional bank financing.
  • Bond issuance: Advice on corporate bond issuance as a way of accessing long-term capital, taking advantage of the capital markets to finance growth.
  • Partial Sales: advising on financing options through partial sales to private equity investors or preparation for IPOs, allowing companies to access capital while retaining a portion of operational control.


  • Analysis of the Current Situation
  • Optimization of Working Capital and Liquidity
  • Focus on Cash Generation
  • Alternative Financing Sources
  • Costs Restructuring
  • Feasibility Plan
  • Negotiation with the banking pool, suppliers and public administrations
  • Insolvency proceedings



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