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We provide a unique financial and strategic advisory service to business owners, boards  and management teams. Our approach fuses corporate finance expertise with strategic consulting to deliver customized solutions that address your company’s unique challenges and opportunities. Our advice not only seeks to improve profitability and financial efficiency, but also to strengthen your market position and increase shareholder value.                                                                                                   

We maximize your company’s value generation                                                                                                                                     

With Maraz Corporate Finance, your company will not only find the path to greater profitability and growth, but also a committed partner every step of the way.                                                                                                                                                           


We understand that large corporations have professional management teams and capable financial departments. Our role is to complement their vision, providing external perspectives and innovative strategies that align with the company’s long-term objectives. We work closely with ownership and the board of directors, providing detailed analysis and strategic recommendations that enhance decision making and sustainable growth.                                                                                                    


Small and medium-sized companies, especially those without a large financial department, find in Maraz Corporate Finance a strategic ally. We offer comprehensive financial advice ranging from operational financial management to long-term strategic planning. Our goal is to be the bridge to your expansion and success, ensuring that every financial decision is aligned with your growth goals and market potential.

By choosing Maraz Corporate Finance for your financial advisory, your company not only benefits from our deep expertise in finance and strategy, but also gains access to a full range of services that can further enhance your growth and success. From M&A transactions to specialized debt and financing advisory solutions, our team is ready to support you in all facets of the corporate lifecycle. This synergy ensures a 360° vision for your business, allowing you to not only achieve your current objectives but also to strategically prepare for the future.

Services provided in this area:

  • Optimization of Operating Margins
  • Working Capital Management & Financing
  • Analysis of Business Lines and Opportunities
  • Strategy Review
  • Investment Projects Analysis
  • Maximizing Operating Cash Flows
  • Optimal Capital Structure
  • Dividend and Shareholder Remuneration Policy
  • Reporting System and Dashboard
  • Risk Analysis



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