At Maraz Corporate Finance, we understand the dynamism and unique challenges faced by startups in their growth stage. Our specialized service for startups focuses on providing tailored financial and strategic advice designed to accelerate the path to profitability and ensure a solid competitive position in the market, starting from the Early Stage or Series A stage.

Financial & Strategic Advice

We work hand in hand with the founders and the management team, to define the competitive strategy and seek profitability, without sacrificing the exponential growth characteristic of a Startup, which allows it to gain a dominant position in the sector or market in which it operates.

  • Business Plan Development: We ensure that your business model is viable, scalable and ready to capture market opportunities, translating it into an ambitious but realistic business plan.
  • Financial Planning and Reporting (FP&A): We provide detailed financial analysis and projections to facilitate informed decision making and strategic planning.
  • Strategy and Competitive Positioning: We identify and execute growth strategies that maximize the startup’s competitive advantages and long-term value.


We understand the importance of capital for the growth and sustainability of startups, which need external funding to achieve their ambitious goals and take over the market before their competitors.

  • Financing Rounds: We assist in structuring and negotiating financing rounds, connecting startups with professional and institutional investors, starting from Series A, where the complexity of the operation increases due to the sophistication of the investor – mainly Venture Capital – and the amount invested.
  • Public Financing: We work on obtaining grants and public financing, mainly in co-investment, maximizing non-dilutive financing opportunities, after closing a private financing round.

We are committed to the success and future of startups, providing them with the tools, knowledge and support needed to thrive in the competitive business world. Through our financial and strategic advice, along with our fundraising support, startups not only achieve their financial goals, but also lay the foundation for sustainable growth and lasting competitive advantage.

Services that we provide in this matter:

  • Startup Business Plan
  • Startup Strategy
  • Monthly Reporting & Analysis
  • Startup Valuation
  • Startup Fundraising
  • Startup Transactions



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